Day’s Run – May 1, 2024

Date: 1 May 2024
Sailing from: St. Helena
Bound towards: Grenada, West Indies
Noon position: 08°26.3’S, 028°26.9′ W
Course: NW x W
Speed: 3.7 knots
Wind force and direction: Force 4 SSE
Seas/swell: 2m SE
Barometer: 1015 Steady
Sky: 5/8 Cu
Water temperature: 83.6°F
Distance made good in 24 hours: 90nm
Passage log: 1,630nm
Voyage log: 24,878nm
Distance to next port: 2,330nm
Remarks: Light winds prevailed throughout the night. A bright yellow half moon was ringed by a moon dog behind a blanket of high alto cumulus clouds. Small spatterings of rain have been passing through this morning, a refreshing rinse in the hot tropical sun. Line spent the morning dressing the spanker gaff for hoisting. All hands were called after lunch and the gaff hauled up into place. The winds are picking back up now and we are holding at a steady five knots with the wind on the port quarter.

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