Day’s Run – May 3, 2024

Date: 3 May 2024
Sailing from: St. Helena
Bound towards: Grenada, West Indies
Noon position: 06°22.3’S 031°18.1′ W
Course: N 1/2 W
Speed: 5.3 knots
Wind force and direction: Force 5 E X S
Seas/swell: ESE 3m
Barometer: 1013
Sky: 4/8 Cu
Water temperature: 84.3°F
Distance made good in 24 hours: 128nm
Passage log: 1,867nm
Voyage log: 25,115nm
Distance to next port: 2,121nm
Remarks: Liam bent on the gaff topsail and we set it and took it in a number of times to get people familiar with the process. It is most likely the first sail to come in if the wind picks up or it becomes squally on the horizon, so it is important that everyone is johnny on the spot with their lines. The wind has backed and we sailed through the night with the spanker set and added the gaff tops’l in the morning. The wind should be on the beam or just aft of the beam to carry these sails otherwise it creates too much weather helm, turning the bow into the wind and making steering difficult. So far on this passage the wind has been too far aft to carry these sails, so it is a nice change to be able to set them and gain at least another knot. Clara, Dan, and Dustin begin work on the new t’gallant yard on the main deck. The Captain is showing them how. Nate finished teaching his week-long course in Rules of the Road, applauded by all. Much to do on this passage.

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