Day’s Run – April 30, 2024

Date: 30 April 2024
Sailing from: St. Helena
Bound towards: Grenada, West Indies
Noon position: 08°32.3’S 026°57.4′ W
Course: NW 1/2 W
Speed: 4.4 knots
Wind force and direction: Force 3 SSE
Seas/swell: 2m SE X S
Barometer: 1015 Rising
Sky: 7/8 St, Ac
Water temperature: 83.8°F
Distance made good in 24 hours: 107 nm
Passage log: 1,540 nm
Voyage log: 24,788 nm
Distance to next port: 2,409 nm
Remarks: Dustin pulled out a new (half-finished) t’gallant sail this morning that is in second layout and ready for the tabling to be sewed onto it. The weather has held so far this passage that we have been able to work on sailmaking everyday, which is good because we have plenty on the go! The new course is coming along nicely and we are almost ready to start roping both that sail and the new headsl’s. Nate continues his rules of the road class with 15 avid students. A layer of clouds has rolled in and with it a decrease in wind force, but we are still rolling along sailing well. We are less than 500 miles from the coast of Brazil and will soon turn our head more northerly to catch the strong Brazil current. Leo is taking over sorting out the library. We have heaps of books. They do need some management and not just jammed into the shelves any which way.

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