Day’s Run – May 6, 2024

Date: 6 May 2024
Sailing from: St. Helena
Bound towards: Grenada, West Indies
Noon position: 03°01.3’S 036°20.1′ W
Course: NW 1/2 W
Speed: 6.3 knots
Wind force and direction: Force 5
Seas/swell: 3m SE
Barometer: 1013 falling
Sky: 4/8 ci, as, ac
Water temperature: 83.8°F
Distance made good in 24 hours: 153nm
Passage log: 2,278nm
Voyage log: 25,526nm
Distance to next port: 1,780nm
Remarks: After lunch yesterday the skies cleared. In the late afternoon we had a “caveman” themed marlinspike on the hatch, organized and promoted by 11-year-old Dawson. There were many stylish prehistoric outfits including leather hide tunics, sheep skin capes, towel sarongs, bedsheet coverings, and lots of clubs, bone jewelry, and facepaint. Instruments were brought out in the form of hand drums, bamboo flutes, and tin cans and we had a musical session with lots of hooting and hollering. Throughout the night the rain was minimal and we maintained an average speed over 7 knots. Beautiful sailing weather. Clara and Dan and Dustin worked on planing down the new t’gallant yard after roughing out the taper with a chisel following instructions from the Captain. He says he learned wood spar making Grenada from Grenadian shipwrights. Line leads a class for the newbies on fibre seizings. Spring will teach a class on weather this afternoon to speak about the interesting transition zone we are going through now from the SE trade winds to the inter tropical convergence zone and on to the NE trade winds. Which will very likely remain southeasterly or easterly for the time being.

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