Day’s Run – July 8, 2024

Bound from: St. George’s, Bermuda
Bound for: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Noon position: 35 degrees 48.1’N, 063 degrees 31.9’W
Speed: 4.2 knots
Voyage log: 28,944 nautical miles
Day’s Run: 101 nautical miles
Passage log: 225 nautical miles
Distance to Lunenburg: 513 nautical miles
Water temperature: 77.2 degrees Fahrenheit
Remarks: Under the direction of ship’s bosun Line, the crew set stuns’ls yesterday.  Stuns’ls, or studding sails, are an extra set of sails that are set on the windward side of the sails on the fore mast, main mast, or both.  They’re generally only set in fairly light, consistent winds.  While the stuns’ls were being set, the topmast stuns’l club broke (the club being a spar that supports the sail) so it was quickly replaced with the mast from the dory we’ve carried on this voyage, Sea Never Dry.  Conditions allowed us to keep the stuns’ls set overnight, giving us a little bit of extra speed towards Lunenburg.

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