Day’s Run – July 4, 2024

Date: July 4, 2024
Ship’s Position: 32°22.7’N, 064°40.8’W- Alongside at Penno’s Wharf, Saint George’s, Bermuda
Weather: 80.6°F, Sunny 
Remarks: Port watch takes the deck after a stupendous day exploring the alluring caves and blue holes of Bermuda and visiting our shipmate Zoe’s home where her family greeted us with opened arms. Today the watch breaks into our work routine starting at 0800. Bruce and Jacob prep and paint the mizzen mast. Benita and Edmund brush up the topsides. Clara removes the port midship bitt for some much needed luvh. Danielle cuts in with black paint against the new bright white seizings. Dustin and Liam swim on the prop and the rudder to make sure all is well for our run up the north Atlantic to Lunenburg. Dee works on the fore topmast staysail on the quarterdeck. Ansleigh gets a fresh coat of buff paint on the bowsprit. Curtis paints the salon shower floor, then washes up to cook a great awe-inspiring feast of ginger orange beef with fried rice and a salad. All and all, a wonderful not-too-hot day in Bermuda. 

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