Captain’s Log – Passage to Bermuda, Part 2

Saturday June 29, 2024 Anguilla towards Bermuda

Late afternoon, under all plain sail – 300 miles south of the cut into St George’s, Bermuda.

Winds went light this morning, so we fired up and pushed a couple hours. We do have to get there after all. Then the breeze filled in and we set sail again and shut down the main engine. I figured we would be motoring more about now, but we are sailing along just fine at 4.5 knots with winds on the port quarter. Force 3, small seas, some white caps, summery warm but not too hot. Nice. Saw a few flying fish today. That will end soon enough.

Dan finished up his plank on the quarterdeck. Sara is roping away on a new jib. Haven’t caught a fish in a while. Donald set me up with salt-fish and peas and rice for lunch, a proper West Indian feed. Others are doing good things: drying sails from under the sole, making wire seizings. Making inventories for voyage end.

Hosted a very pleasant dinner in the mess room with Kim, Ansleigh, Pearce, Dustin and Tammy. Donald always makes a beautiful presentation for these dinners, his cruise ship days kick in. Sometimes he joins too. Its nice to sit around a table, listen to nice music and relax with our lovely crew this way when we can. The mess room is pleasant with its oak paneling and mahogany table. A shelf of interesting books and some Nova Scotian and South Pacific artwork in place. I believe it dates from the mid 1950s when the Norwegians took the ship over.

The seas gently lap along the waterline of the ship making for a magical soothing sound.

Sunday June 30, 2024 -6 days out of Anguilla – dawn – 246 miles to Bermuda.

Braced up sharp again on starboard tack. Under all “plain sail.” This means everything apart from extra sails like studding sails, aka “stuns’ls”. At dawn the crew is quiet. Dawn comes in around 0500 hereabouts this time of year. Seas small. Interesting climbing cloud formations to starboard. Water temperature is down 6 degrees from Anguilla area, far from cold but a pleasant cooling indeed. We can expect this trend to continue as we make out way north. Then we cross over the north wall of the Gulf Stream and the water temp will plummet shockingly in an hour or so. Water temp will actually increase in the Gulf Stream then make a nosedive once through it. Get your warm clothes on standby! It’s a shock.

Amelia picks up the cat Rikki off the hatch to tote him around. He is such a rag-doll, happy to be carried by anyone at any time. His sister, Tea? Nope, put me down! Marlinspike theme was dress like Diane with all the clothes she is giving away. Lovely afternoon.

Monday July 1, 2024 the seventh day out Anguilla – at dawn 150 miles south of Bermuda

The day comes in with light following seas and breezes. Blue sky and fine tradewind clouds, truly a beautiful morning. Fired up the Alpha main engine to make tracks. I want to arrive tomorrow at St George’s. Give all hands a chance to see Bermuda, because we also need enough time to get to Lunenburg by July 13th. It’s a pretty big deal sailing into Lunenburg at the end of a 30,000 mile voyage, but we need to be on time for the folks awaiting us. Had a nice dinner in the messroom with Tammy, Bruce, Donald, Leo, Benita, Diane and Lisa. Happy Canada day!

Tuesday July 2, 2024 – 0700 – 8 days and 900 miles out of Anguilla. 15 miles from Pilot Station east of St George’s Cut.

Can barely see low Bermuda. A gorgeous morning. Southerly winds, small seas, blue skies. Tropic birds dancing in the sky overhead. I had expected to motor in light winds all night but the breeze filled in and we are sailing along just fine. Greeted by a bunch of dolphin, a mum and baby jumping out of the water together – beautiful to see. Plenty flying fish scattering out ahead of us as we close with Bermuda. Been in touch with Bermuda Radio to confirm pilot boarding time – and we are feeling very welcomed already.

Bad news from Carriacou. Hurricane Beryl made landfall as a Category 4 devastating the island. First ever Category 4 hurricane to hit in June. We are worried about our friends there. Bequia and islands in between too.

Got anchored at Powder Hole, off St George’s, Bermuda, after 7 days and some hours over 900 miles. We got cleared in readily and then shifted the Picton Castle to Penno’s Wharf. Big thunderstorm was on its way. Nice to be tied up for this.

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