Day’s Run – June 16, 2024

Date: 16 June, 2024
Position: 18°04.9’N 063°05.1’W – alongside at Port de Galisbay, Marigot Bay, Saint Martin, West Indies
Weather: 89°F, Sunny
Remarks: At 0700, the 4-8 and 8-12 watches turn to bringing hawsers up on deck to get ready for coming alongside as we slip closer to Saint Martin. The wind dies down so we fire up the main engine and call all hands to deck for sail handling. We take in all the sails, starting with royals followed by t’gallants, courses, kites and topsails. We come alongside just before 1100, ready to welcome the public aboard for our Open Decks event with the Caribbean Sail Training Association. The crew is happy to show the guests around and answer questions about the ship and our voyage. The kids are amazed at how big the ship is and they have fun spinning the wheel and ringing the bell. The adults are impressed by how we do everything the traditional way and how old-style everything is and how it works so well. 

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