Day’s Run – June 15, 2024

Date: June 15, 2024
Sailing from: Dominica
Bound towards: St. Martin
Noon Position: 16°50.8’N 062°24.4’W
Course: NWXN 1/2 N
Speed: 7 knts 
Wind force and direction: light and variable
Seas: <1m SE
Barometer: 1017
Sky: 3/8 cu
Water temp: 83.6° F
Days run: 97nm
Passage log: 116nm
Voyage log: 27736
Distance to next port: 95nm
Remarks: A peaceful crystal clear night was enjoyed as we made our way slowly north along the lee side of Guadeloupe. After going less than two knots for most of the night the 4-8 watch took in sail and fired up the engine. Guadeloupe is now far behind, Montserrat is also fading in our wake. Passing Monserrat we could see the lava flows of the recent eruption and even smell the sulfur. The small rugged island Redonda is seven miles on the starboard beam and Nevis is coming up on the starboard bow, cumulus clouds topping its mountains like whipped cream. Line has an ambitious painting program for the watches today, trying to take advantage of the great drying weather.

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