Day’s Run – June 14, 2024

Date: June 14 2024
Sailing from: Dominica
Bound towards: St. Martin
Noon Position: 15°34.6’N 061°29.0’W
Course: NNW
Speed: 6.3 knts 
Wind force and direction: light and variable
Seas: <1m SE
Barometer: 1016
Sky: 5/8 cu, st, as
Water temp: 84° F
Days run: 19nm
Passage log: 19nm
Voyage log: 27639nm
Distance to next port: 174nm
Remarks: We hauled up the port anchor off Roseau, Dominica after breakfast and got under way for St Martin. There was no breeze to speak of while we were in the lee of Dominica, but it was a beautiful day affording us with views of the lush island along its 30-mile coast line. Once we nosed out above the northern tip of the island we found our wind and set all sail. Between Dominica and Guadeloupe the wind held steady force four from the southeast. We passed close by Les Saintes, a charming group of three islands that are part of Guadeloupe which is French. The white houses with red roofs and long white beaches were very enticing and you could almost smell the pastries wafting out from the small town.  As the sun went down an we progressed up the coast, the wind let up and gave way to a calm starry night as we drifted along under sail. 

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