Day’s Run – June 9, 2024

Date: June 9, 2024
Coordinates: 14°44.5’N, 061°10.6’W – Anchored at Saint Pierre, Martinique
Weather: 88°F sunny, light winds from the east
Water: 83°F 
Remarks: Another clear dry work day under the shadow of Mount Peleé, Martinique – its summit capped with a smooth lenticular cloud typical of high peaks of land. By 10 o’clock the sun is already roasting the decks and people stop to put shoes on to keep from getting burned. Captain showed us about roping a sail this morning and Spring worked on sewing the head roping on the new course. It’s a great day for varnish – Leo works on putting another coat on the chair from the Captain’s mess. It was varnished yesterday but ship’s cat Riki jumped up on it before it was dry and left little paw prints all over it. Clara and Amelia took on the task of reassembling the batcave – no small job in this heat. Some of the ceiling had to be taken out to reinstall the port bitt and after that was put back they did a big deep clean. Sara and George end-for-ended the starboard main braces which extends the life of the line. Nate was busy doing skiff runs and training for most of the day, something we have been focusing on now that we are at anchor. Sophia did a lot of the runs with Nate and her boat handling is coming along nicely. Donald is off today because it is Sunday so Zoë has taken over in the galley. We are all looking forward to a Zoë dinner. We set sail tomorrow morning for Roseau, Dominica, 30nm to the north.

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