Captain’s Log – Rain, and Plenty of It

May 15, 2024, 0647. The Picton Castle is about 105 miles north of Paramaribo, Suriname. At 07-41N / 055-02W and 480 miles from Grenada. It has been raining and squalling all night. Big squalls pushing us along at up to almost 10 knots at times. Royals, flying jib and spanker are in. Such sail handling has become quite routine. Crew are good at this now. Seas small. Where is the sun and blue skies? We think we are due such things soon. Anyway, still making good time under sail. Ship is getting quite the freshwater rinse.

Curious fact of this voyage today. At about 0415 this morning the Picton Castle crossed her outward bound eastern most longitude of 054-45 West. This longitude was at 33-53N on our passage south from Nova Scotia about 500 miles ENE of that fair isle of Bermuda. So, we have in fact sailed around the world now and over 26,000 miles. The earth being some 24,000 miles in circumference, that box is ticked in a sense. But the real thing is sailing back into port when the time comes.

At 0930 still in big squalls and strong winds. Mainsail is in now. Making a steady 9 knots. Dark to windward, black to windward really. Time for t’gallants to come in. Outer jib as well. Sailing pretty strong here. Work on deck at all stop, just sailing the ship. The wind and rain cell we are in is at least 30 miles in diameter according to radar. George and Liam stow the fore royal, Violet the jib. Eric is doing well at the wheel, frisky as it may be.

At midday, laying down but still raining. Sails slatting. Ropes swollen from rain. Still moving. Setting t’gallants, outer jib and main sail, spanker soon, maybe.

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