Day’s Run – May 4, 2024

Date: 4 May 2024
Sailing from: St. Helena
Bound towards: Grenada, West Indies
Remarks: A grey sky greeted the 8-12 watch as they took the deck this morning after breakfast. Squall lines dotted the horizon to weather and the lighter wind sails were taken and stowed in precaution. The rain soon swept in with the increasing wind and we were romping along well at over 7 knots with the wind on the quarter. They had been making 9.3 knots on the 8-12.  With the ventilation from portholes and watertight doors closed, below decks can get steamy on these rainy days in the tropics, but that doesn’t stop Curtis from sweating away during his rigorous daily workout in the salon. Donald works on fileiting the four and a half foot wahoo we reeled in yesterday evening, which should produce a gernerous helping of dinner for the crew.  The wind has died now, but an intermittent rain still passes as we coast by the island Archipelago De Ferando De Noroha of Brazil, a mere 20 miles to the north, our first passing of land since departing St. Helena 18 days ago.

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