Day’s Run – October 28, 2023

Date: 28 October 2023

Sailing from:  Suva, Fiji

Bound towards: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Noon position: 18°17’S 174°33.5’E

Course: W

Speed: 4.4 knots

Wind force and direction: Force 3 NxE

Seas/swell:  1m ESE

Barometer: 1017 Steady

Sky: 2/8 cu, Sunny and warm

Water temperature: 77.2°F

Distance made good in 24 hours: 105nm

Passage log: 233nm

Voyage log: 11324nm

Distance to next port: 361nm

Sails set: Flying jib, Outter jib, Inner jib, Fore topmast staysail, Fore Upper topsail, Fore Lower topsail, Fore sail, Main topmast staysail, Main T’gallant staysail, Main T’gallant, Main Upper topsail, Main Lower topsail, Mizzen topmast staysail

Remarks: Winds came light overnight, took in sail and fired up the main engine and pushed for a while in the calm. Sara and Liam made quick work at cutting down the fore t’gallant for repair. Found a sailing breeze, shut down the engine and set sail just before lunch. Sailing along sweet now in small seas. Could not be nicer.

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