Passage To Tahiti

The Picton Castle sailed from Mangareva in light rain and what looked like fog, with good sailing breezes building out of the southeast. We had laid to anchor in the lovely lagoon a long time waiting for a sailing breeze. Soon all plain sail was set and we were bound for Tahiti. Sounds so magical doesn’t it? We have enjoyed a good run this passage so far as we approach Tahiti from the east, now only two hundred miles away. All hands busy shining up the ship, including the two ship’s brass bells which have not seen Brasso in a verrrrry long time. New crew in the form of Danielle, Marie Helene, John, Stew, Mike, Si and Bob have been fitting in well, joining the ship’s routines, learning to steer in eight foot seas and generally doing well with good humour.

We have had good winds mostly. Some calms a night or two ago, then a front passes and gives us good breezes again.

Ropework teaching by old hands for the new, learning the lines, getting sea-legs, and beginning to take in what seagoing is all about under sail. We have made some inroads into discussing the amazing story of the grand exploration, discovery and settlement by Polynesian explorers centuries ago. One third of the earth. The last great settlement of humankind and the first one technology and science based. More on that I hope.

Pilots and wharfage have been arranged – we have an ETA for picking up a pilot early Thursday morning. In Papeete we will be provisioning and fueling up before heading ever westward for Tonga. And getting the kittens to the vet for check up.

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